Who am I?


Hello! Welcome to my personal website, my name is Randy Estevanes. My world revolves around mass communications. Whether it’s learning, teaching, or blogging, I understand the importance of communicating a message. I am currently a Digital Marketing Account Coordinator.

My professional background consists of management, teaching, digital marketing, public relations and fashion blogging. In creating my personal brand, I took it upon myself to create my fashion blog, Guy Loves Fashion and rebranded all my social media accounts as Guy Loves Fashion. Along with communicating a message, I believe branding is important.

With my professional experience, I have a formal education in mass communication. I hold a bachelor of arts in mass communication (public relations/advertising) from The University of Texas-Pan American (renamed UT-Rio Grande Valley) and a master of arts in mass communication (strategic communication) from Texas State University.

Feel free to visit my resume page to learn more about my education and professional background.

Please email me at restevanes1@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.